Thursday, July 22, 2004

More sessions

Youth Projects:
For 3rd grade up they can use this resources to get in touch with other students over the world.
The global schoolhouse, iearn,  global teenager project, entrepreneurial adventure.
To see how a page look before:
To see how much they are paying for a word:
Leaders need to have great expectations. All curriculum need to be on the web. When we do changes is necessary to ask these 3 questions:
Are we getting more information?
Are we expanding the boundaries of human collaboration?
Are we empowering the people?
Teachers needs more information to do their jobs.
We need to change the way we teach. The children need to be more involved on their own learning.
Building Online Communities:
This is a website that can be used to create lessons and save it online for used later.
What is an Online Educational Environment?
Is an extension of the classroom. Is a stretch of an educational environment.
Advantages of having on line:
Anytime/anywhere learning
Supports Constructivism
Self-directed learning
Multi-modal communication
Easy access to resources
Web based activities
ARC Activities, Resources and, communication.
Is a lesson that has one or more activities where you use resources (web sites, power point presentations or something similar) and after do the activity they need to write something on a message board and answer the activity.
You can use the website
Skills for lifelong learners:
Analyze information
Self directed