Thursday, July 22, 2004

Getting and Assessing 21st Century Knowledge

The SCANS report shows the skills need it for find a job
You can see the info in the next website.

Workers needs to know who to work in:
Projects, projects, projects. Teamwork and collaboration.
Interpersonal skills and networking
Project management leadership
No one ask about your formal education.
21st century knowledge and skills. Is a website that contains info about what the children need to know.

Skills and Knowledge Needed by the 21st Century Worker
Understands a variety of reading materials
Independently reads to learn
Relates reading to other information in experiences
Writes in a clear, concise, meaningful way
Uses appropriate details, descriptions, grammar and spelling
Follows a logical order
Chooses the appropriate format
Shows an ability to correctly solve and explain problems
Produces solutions and shows logical conclusions
Uses appropriate methods and accurate computations
Verifies and interprets results
Social Studies
Understands the rolls and responsibilities in home, workplace and community
Shows a knowledge of and appreciation for other people, history and geography
Consistently processes information concerning current events
Understands and uses appropriate scientific ideas and facts
Uses a variety of scientific tools and methods to explore new concepts and situations
Understands the role of science in the world
Fine Arts
Shows creativity
Understands the elements of art and how culture / history influence the arts
Elaborates and explains personal impressions of art
Has been exposed to a variety of artistic mediums
Listening and Speaking
Regularly listens and understands what is said
Answers questions using appropriate language
Speaks clearly to communicate effectively
Makes positive personal health decisions
Handles feelings appropriately
Works and plays safely
Understands the benefits of good nutrition and physical activity
Social development
Cocurricular activities:
National organizations
Athletic teams
Academic teams
Class competitions
Learning how to learn. Now how to use these new tools, like blogging.
The children need to know what they need to know, they need to be able to know which skills they have learned and what do they still need to learn.
Learning environment should be in and out the school.
Strategies that make the difference.
Engagement, Hands-on, Adult connection, Internships, Real World immersion.
The children need to be involved in projects. Kids need to learn about a theme, then they need to investigate and learn by themselves and do a final product and present to their class and other classes. Spend more time on Projects than on regular classes just listening a teacher.
This is a cool school that is preparing children for the 21st Century.